Friday, 31 May 2013


Maybe the thunder showers they are calling for this weekend will tempt our sweet little girl out.

I'm going to put my feet up and watch a few romantic movies and possibly weather permitted, get some work done in the garden. We went to Home Depot last night. I bought some bicycle hangers for my baskets which I'll take a picture of once they are up. I was flower happy and wanted it all, so many pretty plants out this time of year.
One thing that stood out to me was a lemon tree. Sadly, I would never be able to plant it in the ground and have to keep it in a pot, dragging it in and out every season and on top of that de-bug it. (no fun) This season I'll  dream of retiring in a lemon tree climate and enjoy the strawberry baskets. What we did pick up yesterday, were some new lavender plants. The ones I planted last fall didn't make it through our harsh winter. I'm hoping planting them earlier this year will give them a chance to get cozy and want to stay. I would love to have lavender running all the way up the walk to the house but with the Ottawa climate I'm pretty sure this is a dream unless you are a master gardener or an English one like the lady we met last night. *chuckle*

I've been watching the Chelsea flower show this week, it makes you garden happy.
Simple this year is best. Happy Friday!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Bye baby bunting
daddy's gone a-hunting
gone to get a rabbit skin to wrap the baby bunting in.


E and I went to Chapters this morning and we picked out a few gifts for his baby sister. The kids section in Kanata is awesome; they have trains, wiggly tunnels, colouring & lots of books. When Euan is just a bit older it will be the perfect play date place. Right now he would take the entire store out in minutes.

 I miss going to Chapters alone. It was a guilty pleasure of mine in my late twenties. I would spend Sundays at Mic Mac Chapters in front of the fire with a Starbucks and a few interesting books.

I saw my bro-in-law's Mum today in the magazine section; I was well jealous of her leisure time. At one time she was chasing around 3 busy boys. You have to have huge respect for that. She has earned her alone time.

 I wonder if she was envious of me today? Hmmmm.... 9 months pregnant, chasing Euan around while trying to have an adult conversation. *chuckle* Definitely Not! 


Today is my Dad's 69th birthday!


These inserts are available online @ etsy.


Monday, 27 May 2013


Race weekend went very well.

 Steve came across the finish line at 2:08 and his cousin Kelly and her boyfriend Adam were around 1:48 everyone was pretty tired after dessert. 

It was cloudy most of yesterday but by the time our guest showed up we had a backyard full sunshine. The runners soothed their sore muscles with a few light beers and enjoyed the fruit plate appetizers while Andy & the kids jumped in pool. I couldn't have asked for a better evening. 

Dawn made delicious shortbread strawberry shortcake & Andy made some fresh ginger cookies that everyone raved about. They were such a hit I will be posting the recipe for them later this week once he sends it. 

I made this raw beet, carrott & cranberry curry salad that also went over well. The dressing was fresh garlic, olive oil, curry powder, dijon mustard & red wine vinegar. We used the cuisinart to shred the carrots and beets- super quick! 

No baby yet. Happy Monday!

Sunday, 26 May 2013


We send a lot of thank you cards. The best place I've found to buy them since moving home to Canada, is Winners. Last week I found these Monogram C's and fell in love. I'll probably just use them for close family and friends- other's might think it's a bit odd to send a C card- my close pals will totally love it though.


Friday, 24 May 2013


Steve is running the Ottawa half this weekend in memory of his Dad and in support of the MS society. Post run we are having a vegetarian BBQ with his cousin ( Kelly) who is also running, her boyfriend and our friends Andy & Dawn. 

We are also hitting the Perry's open house tomorrow. I have been told by many people to tell baby to wait until after Monday! Steve then informed me about his golf day on Thursday so I might have to have a word with our little lady-bug. I'm still smiling but super uncomfortable! 

Happy Friday xo


The nursery is coming along. Steve finished painting it last night. Tonight he is going to get everything he needs to start the crown moulding. My Dad bought us the most beautiful antique white Castles & Coaches crib by Disney. I'm hoping it will all come together by next week.

 Here are a few rooms that inspired me for our nursery.


Thursday, 23 May 2013


I had my weekly OB appointment yesterday- she said " I will be working on Saturday night and I wouldn't be surprised to see you there, all signs point to ready!"

I was so nervous I went right home to bed and cancelled my dinner plans with the OVM's. Although I would like to know exactly how this is going to happen, there is no way to. I just need to calm myself and keep going.

 Steve brought me breakfast in bed this morning and headed off to work and E and I will get ready and go to Busy Bees. I missed last week because of my OB appointment apparently causing a huge stir among the parents and teacher. I have never missed class.

Happy Thursday! xo


I bought this super sweet  Ikea tunnel for $14.00 Euan absolutely loves it! It packs away really easy and the material on it is thick and sturdy.

Great buy!


Wednesday, 22 May 2013


 Yesterday we stood in the garage and watched the huge raindrops explode on the ground while thunder and lightning erupted in the sky, all before dinner.

When I was twenty, I took a trip to Ottawa with my boyfriend at the time. We did the same thing except that day, we ran out of the garage and let the rain soak us right through. I remembered yesterday it being the best feeling. Steve told me to go for it but I didn't. We have an entire summer of storms ahead of us and I promised myself I will have that feeling again.

"Storms make trees grow deeper roots" - Dolly

I love this quote... I hope these storms give our family deeper roots this summer.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

French Food Rules

My copy of French Kids Eat Everything came from Amazon today along with a little surprise CD- Michael Buble's-to be loved. Apparently my Hunny wanted free shipping...I like how he thinks!

The book is beautiful and pages are rough cut which made me extra happy. Does anyone else get excited by this? 

I am looking forward to jumping under my duvet and turning the first page, as soon as we put Euan to bed.

Monday, 20 May 2013


I've found the perfect person to take care of my garden while I'm off having the baby. What a good boy!!


 Our first heated kiddie pool dip and BBQ of the season went great. The sun  came out right on time!

 The boys tried out a few of our new pool toys, while Pat & I  floated around in the pool lounger- me praying all the while I wouldn't sink it.

For me, there is nothing more relaxing while being pregnant during summer than a swim.

I'm sad to see the long weekend go. It was awesome!



We went into the city yesterday to attend the last day of the tulip festival. Went for a long walk along the river and then drooled over my favourite homes & gardens in that neighbourhood. They had fireworks last night at Dow's Lake-a perfect end to the festival.

We had a lovely brunch with Brie's in-laws Saturday morning. They called it the Full Monty-I was definitely full and they are always very interesting and great company. Gil pulled out some vintage toys for Euan and Denise showed me some of her dresses from the 70's that she hopes to hand down to B soon- I am well jealous! 

We are having our first pool party today. A little chilly but the pool is heating up now and hopefully the sun will join us for a few hours. We'll be happy either way.

Got to love long weekends!!!

Friday, 17 May 2013


If this sun comes out this is what we plan on doing:

We are kicking the summer off with our first pool side BBQ. Steve's heating the pool and we've invited a few friends to come join us in taking our first heated dip.

Of course all this will be done after we finish our long weekend chore list.

1. Remove the cheeky Groundhog family from pool deck.

2. Tape & paint the nursery.

3. Clean out storage room & garage.

4. Get all pool toys, accessories put away in the pool house.

I know a lot of my friends will be heading off to the cottage, maybe camp or spend time with out of town friends and family. I am happy to stay home while waiting for our baby to come.

 Whatever you are doing, have a fantastic long weekend! xoxo

Thursday, 16 May 2013


Few of you may know this but I am sure it will come as no surprise that donuts are my pregnancy craving, addiction, weakness. I have just devoured a 10 pack of Timbits while sitting in our garage waiting for Euan to wake up from his impromptu nap. I really hope I have this baby soon and get on track to a healthy lifestyle.

 While researching children's eating habits last night I came across an article about a book called French Kids Eat Everything- Karen Le Billion. It has good reviews and from what I can see has some amazing suggestions on meal time strategies. I am stoked to get a copy. Not only do I think it will be great for my wee ones but, I can see us all learning a few things from the French lifestyle. I will share more when I get a copy. 


I have a Dr's appointment today and every week until I go into labour. Which means I may miss Busy Bees this morning depending on traffic & how many woman my OB has in clinic this morning.

I found it a lot easier when I lived in England. My midwife was a hop skip and jump literally from our home.  Our Obstetrician ( different from our family Dr.) is on the other side of the city and a real pain to work our schedules around, as she only has one clinic on Thursdays.

There are two great things about going to the OB Steve has jumped through hoops to make these appointments with Euan and I, which makes these days go a lot more smoothly and I get to hear my little bug's heart beat. All the crazy scheduling will be worth it in the end.

I know I should be enjoying my last few weeks with Steve & Euan but I'm very impatient these days. All this waddling around is driving me crazy. I am almost at the end of my belly button. I'm afraid if I run out of belly button the stretch marks will come. No idea why I think this- but it's my theory. Crazy just comes along with the hormones. *ha, ha*

Happy Thursday! xo



Today is Euan's Godmother's birthday. We are sending huge love to South Africa and hope she is having a very lovely day. We all miss you. You are a bright light friend! xoxo

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I found these super cute Laura Ashley wellies in the gardening section of Winners last week. Cheap as chips too at $34.00 I think I have enough wellies for right now. Although I would love a nice bright tulip pair of Hunters. The next Hunters I'll be buying will be for Euan. ;)


My Mother's day roses are huge and opening beautifully.


Dawn & I had a nice dinner and movie date at Aperitivo & Silver Linings Playbook last night. The appetizers at Aperitivo are so yummy and perfect for sharing and it's conveniently located right across from the theatre.

I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the movie. I was thinking Bradley C & Jennifer L were an odd paring but they had great chemistry.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


This song makes me ridiculously happy!


I have myself dizzily booked up today. Music play group, a baby reels movie with Carri, Olivia & Euan. ( we are seeing The Great Gatspy if the kids cooperate.) The OVM's are hosting this free viewing today-thank you!

Tonight I am meeting Dawn for our movie/dinner date-probably our last one before I have baby. Yes I am going to the theater two times today. I didn't check the calender, before I said yes to Dawn. 

I have been feeling very sluggish the last few days. Hopefully I will get over this feeling because my due date isn't until June 10th. No matter how much I would love to have my Sweet Pea today. I have to prepare myself for the reality that she might come on time or even late. Daddy Walker is routing for his birthday on May 29th.

 Any other guesses out there? Xo 

Monday, 13 May 2013