Friday, 31 July 2015


I have some time tonight to catch up on some post. Must have been that 4pm nap I took today. We went camping over the weekend to Fitzroy National Park. Such a beautiful spot to camp and fish. Not many mosquitoes but watch out for the poison ivy here. Summer is going too quickly slow down please. xo


I met these adorable twins for the first time last weekend. Peri & Tris are Steve's sister's little girls. So many kissed and hugs to be given. We will see our other set of family twins next weekend. That's right, we have two sets of twins on my husbands side. xo


Euan started soccer a few weeks ago. It's a company called Little Kickers developed in the UK. I wanted to get him introduced to a few sports to see what he liked best but the camps are so filled up this summer, we will try them one at a time. He's shy at the moment but listened very well to the coach and I caught a few proud smiles from him. I love watching him interact with other kids happily. There is something about this that reassures me that we are doing an OK job parenting. A friend mentioned while I was back in BC how important team sports were. I just didn't see myself freezing my butt off on week nights watching for the next 15 years. Anyway, we will start with little kickers and see where it takes us. Euan looks adorable on the pitch and his little sister seems pretty keen too.

Quintessential Grammy

Our visit to Guelph to see Grammy was highly entertaining. My kids adore their Grammy. She pulls out wondrous old toys that her children once played with. Ones full of sentiment that get all of us excited, like this fire truck that attaches to the hose. The water sprays out of a tiny little hose at the top of the crane. How awesome is this? Tonka should go back to their old school designs for another round. I found this truck on ebay for $19.99 and thought about buying it but I'm pretty sure half the novelty of it is that it was in Grammy's basement. We took the kids to the splash pad at Guelph's City Hall. It's a great spot if you live there or are in town for a visit this summer. In the winter it's turned into a skating rink. Besides all the choices of desserts at Grammy's my other favourite thing this week was the livestock auction in St. Jacobs where I'm pretty sure we could have come home with a horse, donkey or cow for $50 It was amazing fun and I could have spent all day there. My Husband has always had a twinkle for St.Jacobs and now I share it. We plan to take the steam train on our next visit.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015



We camped Friday evening at Rideau River Park. We were meant to be there the entire weekend but the mosquitoes were atrocious! My poor babies were bitten alive. We packed up, wished our friends luck and went home for a cool swim in our pool and a proper meal in the comfort of our air conditioned home. Sounds a bit bad in print but you would have done the same, trust me!

We sat by the fire making s'mores ( I find them disgusting) I might be the only one in the planet who doesn't fancy them, too decadent for me. We went with about 10 other families each had there own take on s'mores. Marshmallows,  peanut butter & rolos and I was only there for one evening. The kids ran around with glow sticks making light shows.. yes they were up late enough to make light shows. I tried a few times to put them down they would just jump out of bed and unzip the tent and join us by the fire again. We didn't get much sleep but it's always fun to try to make our "expectations" of camping come true. We woke up like this in the morning without the smiles! Romilly is ready for potty training- I'm not! 

Monday, 13 July 2015


I took a chance and drove to CTC to see if they had opened up any seats for the Taylor Swift concert last week. I scored tickets in the 100 section side stage! When Taylor came out I screamed like a 12 year old super fan; we all did! I sang and danced throughout her two hour show. ( partially lost my voice) She was close enough to touch at one point, while swinging around on her movable stage. She is an inspiring strong and beautiful young lady.  Such a great night, One I would be proud to take Romilly to in a few years. When the show is better than the CD you don't feel guilty at all about spending that much on tickets. On advice from a friend I wore my brightest red lipstick. 

Thank you Miss Swift for an excellent night!  xo

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


We are attending the annual Ottawa Canada Day BBQ at the Lougheed's today. For as long as I have lived in Ottawa on this day you can always expect a little rain! It's already started which is OK because museums are FREE today! Once you've checked out your favourite museum you can grab your brolli and walk over to parliament hill for festivities. Here is a picture of some easy to do Canada Flag bunting!