Sunday, 29 July 2012




Our July road-trip over 600 miles around Scotland.  

Click on the names and it will take you to their websites.    DUNNOTTAR                    



Monday, 23 July 2012


This is what it feels like when I pack now. Packing and traveling with Euan is a big job- so much to bring and I still forgot a few things. 

We are in Scotland for the week, half business and half pleasure. First stop...Elgin for the business. Steve found us an beautiful B&B called  The Lodge run by Marilyn and David. The reviews are true- the breakfast is awesome! 

 Elgin is Scotland's smallest city, situated in the region of Moray about 36 miles from Inverness and 64 miles from Aberdeen. Elgin is a administrative and commercial capital of Moray, has a flourishing city center with many of the high street names and unique range of specialist shops. Nestling in the world famous whiskey country, Elgin has famous brands such as Glen Moray- Distillery, Johnsons of Elgin cashmere mill and Gordon & MacPhail on it's doorstep. Baxters of Fochabers is a few miles east and Walkers of Aberlour is south of Elgin.

I will be going up to Stonehaven where Daddy Walker was born and will have the pleasure of meeting my great Aunt Margaret. I just got this super sweet email from my Dad pertaining to my visit:

  Hi Christy, We lived in Cowie Village just passed the outdoor swimming pool. When I was in the Navy I stayed in a hotel (The Royal, I think) in Stonehaven because I did not know where my Aunt Margaret lived. The hotel staff found my relatives for me and told a reporter. The next day a picture was in the paper of myself and my Aunt and the caption was "Junior detectives help Canadian Sailor find relatives." After that, I moved into their place at 19 Thompson Terrace I believe where I was born. My cousin Hazel worked in a pastry shop and I met a girl there and started to go out with her, her name was Mimi Malcomb, not sure of the spelling. I'm sure that Aunt Margaret will tell you more. Dad xoxo 

 I am really looking forward the visit- Maybe we will stay at The Royal too! Well Husband is home after a long day and we are off for an outing. xoxo

Monday, 16 July 2012


Ok. I'll admit it I've become a boring blogger. Among other things, I'm a new mom consumed with my sweet son and I love it! My blog has been the last thing on my mind and it's the guilt of following through that keeps me posting, although I know I'm lacking my usual feist. I've followed other blogs and seen this happen to other bloggers. 

We moved to England for a three year posting and as I wasn't working, if I blogged I felt satisfied with myself each day. Keeping a journal of my time in England is a huge accomplishment. Now I'm trying to figure out how I can save/backup, my blog if you know, do tell.

Don't panic, I'm not completely ready to give it up, but social networking has to take a back seat to my awesome new Mom job! That and I'll be traveling, packing and moving across the pond over the next few months. When I can I will... xoxo

Thursday, 12 July 2012



Steve and I went to see our favourite comedian the other night, Michael McIntyre. He was brilliant live! His situational jokes kept us laughing the entire two hours. I would suggest anyone who needs a good laugh today, to utube Michael.

Friday, 6 July 2012


My friend Tammy came over yesterday and we worked on our bunting project. 

Originally, we started with three different patterns: one was an old shirt of Steve's, the others were a birthday present from L... but when I saw that Cath Kidston was having her summer sale, I went and picked up some more materials and we spent the afternoon cutting.    

We are pretty excited about the  finished product, the patterns look great. I joked with Tammy, "This bunting better be used for every holiday and party we  have with all the time and money we've put into it!"

 I'll post a picture when it's finished. 

Have a great weekend! xoxo



Monday, 2 July 2012


The Gillespie's went on tour this weekend... Friday evening we drove to Brighton, we lucked into a beautiful ocean view family suite. After a few early morning showers the sun came out just as were heading to the pier. 

After a bit of convincing, Connor went on his first roller coaster, he loved it! It was also the first time I've been on any ride since having Euan, I will admit I was pretty scared but what a rush! I've been wanting to check out Brighton for a while but it's the kinda place you want to save for lovely weather. 

Next stops were Wimbledon, Trafalgar Square & Southampton for Lindsay's Canada party. What a whirlwind weekend. It was good to put any problems behind us and enjoy the weekend.

C and I disheveled after the roller coaster

Euan's first tube ride