Sunday, 30 August 2015


We had one full day to explore Quebec City. We left Ottawa at 4am so we would have a good chunk of the day to explore. We entered the Old City on Rue Saint-Jean, passing through a gate and out onto Rue Dauphine. The Old City definitely has a European feel both French & English. I'm glad we set off early and were able to hike 5km around the old city before the rain started. We had lunch at Paillard a cafe-boulangerie. It was a huge space with tall ceilings and lots of seating. The were little round tables in the front, as well as several long communal tables in the main area next to the bakery cases and coffee station. Cafeteria style dining at reasonable prices . Peroni and Sapporo are offered on tap as well as a good selection of wines, a coffee, tea and juice bar. Such a great day. Quebec City was a great stop over. So much history & beauty.  We had dinner at St.Hubert! Boys tried out chicken, rib & poutine platter. We got back to our hotel just in time for the concierge delivery of anniversary wine and cheese which we gave to kids to eat while they watched the lightning  storm.   ( just the fruit and cheese )

 We all crashed hard and woke up at 6 to drive the 9 hours to L's place in Moncton. 

Sunday, 23 August 2015


The Your Mantra: “Never Go on Trips with anyone you don’t love.”- Ernest Hemingway 

You are: A true romantic at heart! True to sign of the weighing scales, a Libran is a balanced traveler who wants a bit of everything and loves to travel with their partner. While you would like to have everything organized and in place before they arrive, it is only so that you do not miss any small activity while they are at their favorite vacationing spot. Librans are majorly outgoing and being diplomats, they love to be a part of any and all collective activities. Accommodating and gracious, you are very social but also love privacy.

What would satisfy your wanderlust? : A stay on the Shikaras of Dal Lake in Kashmir, or a houseboat stay in Kerala and among the overseas travel destination Venice, Vegas and Miami would make the cut. 

What is your travel mantra

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


We've been married for five years today. I still feel like the luckiest girl around... tired but very very lucky! I can't wait to see what the next five years brings. I think we should start next years gifts from the bottom of this list! This year was traditionally wood- not my favourite year. *chuckle* 

Monday, 17 August 2015


Whoooooo!!!! First stop Farm Boy next Nigella! 

Hi Christy,


Recently, you submitted a recipe for and we have chosen it as this week’s winning recipe.  We will be featuring your recipe on the radio and in our upcoming "Fresh News" e-newsletter which will be released on Wednesday –August 19, 2015.


Gillespie Camping Wraps


As a token of our appreciation, you've won a $50 Farm Boy gift card. The good folks at Bell Media will be in touch with you directly to make arrangements to ensure you receive your gift card. Thanks again for submitting your delicious recipe. We hope you'll keep them coming!


After an epic weekend I am feeling huge gratitude. I have great friend in L to share  a fabulous weekend away with and a loving family. My husband runs this house like a boss. I got a message from a friend complimenting how he dressed the kids very well for church on Sunday. So proud! xo 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Rogers Cup

L and I met in Montreal this weekend to watch the Quarter finals of The Rogers Cup. When I said yes I wasn't sure who we would see and booked our hotel & my train directly. Fast forward a few months later, I took Via to Montreal landed outside my hotel checked in & asked concierge to set up some champagne and treats for Laura's arrival while I zipped out to get some shopping in before she arrived. I should have napped! I had no idea what the night had in store for us at that point though. 

 The tennis ended up being rained out but only short lived. Who new this all played into me seeing some of the best tennis of my life. The Nadal match started at 8 and Murray after that. We finished at 2am in the front row beside Murray's team.  How can I ever replay this day?  I can't!! At 2:30am I was changing into my PJ's when L said she heard Andy returning from the match outside our room. Whaaaat Andy Murray in the hall? I flung the door open and congratulated him on his win giggling away while L crawled under the desk afraid I might embarrass her.  I'm sure the thought that I might invite him in to sign our memorabilia went through her head! 

We were so tired on Saturday after our massages  at the hotel spa. We put on PJ's and watched Djokovic play from bed eating and drinking FA gold spoils. (chocolates & bowls of cappuccino made with love by our concierges... like I said nothing would ever compare to the previous evening!) We left our hotel at 8 to dine at the Keg in our comfiest clothes. Lobster tail, olive martini's  and the Murray/Serena match on split screen. 

I caught the Pride Parade this afternoon before I boarded my train from my room first then was intrigued down to the street by all the social media updates. 

am missing the final right now. I am on the train back to Ottawa. I was originally mildly scared of the train it's turned out to be the best way to travel to YUL. Business class is a small fraction of air travel from Ottawa and you are treated to meals with top shelf wine, complimentary drinks, tea, coffee and mini chocolates in the short journey.  

I've over indulged this weekend. It's time to go home and after many cuddles with my loves hit the gym and detox before our trip to Nova Scotia. Thank you L for another memorable girls getaway. We always go big. xo

Thursday, 6 August 2015


My favourite in season hike. Pink Lake is breathtaking. Euan kept asking why pink lake was green? The land was owned by the Pink family. Romilly sang her way around the 2.5km walk. It was her first time walking around the lake. Our summer heat has taken a little break this week which made today perfect for this walk. We finished just in time to pick Daddy up from work. I took some great pictures of the kids skipping rocks in the lake. 


Tuesday, 4 August 2015


We haven't cut it yet. It's sooo frizzy. Big & frizzy! I suggested the straight iron tonight. He's not sure,  but I think he'll be asking for his own flat iron for Christmas. super model son!