Tuesday, 22 April 2014


The best things happen unexpectedly!

 Look who just happen to show up in O-town today. My guest blogger and fabulous friend L! Such a nice treat indeed L. xo


Yesterday the Queen of England turned Eighty-Eight. David Bailey took this photo to mark the occasion. She is lovely. 

Happy Birthday Queenie! 


Explosion is about her Dad who she hasn't spoken to for over 10 years. I've loved Ellie for quite some time but I took some time to get to know her music a little better tonight. She is getting all the success she deserves and more. The Live@Home show is incredible. Enjoy! xoxo

Saturday, 19 April 2014


Our Easter weekend is in full swing. Euan's been hopping about since getting over his GI infection and Romilly isn't far behind him. She's getting her 6th tooth in this weekend!

Today is our last full morning with Grammy  before we drop her off to go back home to Guelph. We've enjoyed her visit and will be sad to see her go. The trees are pruned and she brought life back to our house with some lovely new easter plants. Thank you Lynn. It wasn't the visit we all expected but we made the best of it and had a lovely time. We've had lot's of great meals with family and friends and will wrap it up tomorrow with an Easter Egg hunt with friends before heading on vacation to the USA.

Hoppy Easter! xoxo


Tuesday, 15 April 2014


I am pretty sure this book was thought of while having the same conversation that I had with my children this morning; though Romilly doesn't actually say English words yet. There is a lot of baby talk agreeing with Euan's "it's too hot!, It's too cold!" statements while eating porridge.

It's too hot- I pour milk on it. It's too cold- I put it in the microwave when in actual fact at this point my children are just enjoying the show of Mummy running around pandering to their every whim and are saying it just for a laugh. 

The words that are most used by Euan right now are too hot, too cold (this is used at bath time as well ), snack, all done! (mostly used when I sing) please, thank you & Nooooooo! 



The full moon will be completely caught in the earths' shadow. At the onset of the eclipse the moon will gradually appear to become a rusty red color.  We North Americans are going to have one of the best views of it so set your alarm clock's for 3:45am people!


I could eat a dozen of these after the weekend we've had. They look delightful!

Who knows what happened with C. He probably forgot to mention to his mother that he was coming until the last minute and she freaked out. We will never know for sure what the true story was. 

Our baby is on the mend. He asked to have pancakes for supper tonight. I'm going to keep him home and away from any other kids for a couple more days just to keep every one safe. 

 We are blessed to have each other and our beautiful children. There is a lot of love and laughter in this house and we have so much to be grateful for in this life.

 I should also throw in that it was 25 degrees here in Ottawa today. What a change from the pile of snow that was here a week ago.  

Xoxo Superhero Mummy