Wednesday, 30 December 2015



Snow Day. We shovelled, made hot chocolate, made cookies, napped, revised, made pasta, played Scattagories ( I won ) & shovelled again. I am snug in my bed now but I can hear the boys making another round of hot cocoa. I am so thankful for this epic snow day, one of my favourites of the entire year. *big heart*  night night....

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


L left on a 6 week trip to Australia & New Zealand today. Adventure awaits you. Safe travels from your back-up family! xoxo 


I need orthotics in my skates. We were a little wobbly but it was a good time for our first time this season. We went to Play It Again Sports with the rest of Ottawa and picked up new gear for the kids (Thanks GG! ) what a wonderful way to spend our first snow day. The boys went again tonight after spending the entire day revising together it was a great reward. Hopefully they test the Beavertales! (Ottawa's best doughy treat)
It's been so mild in Ottawa I wasn't sure we would get to skate over the holidays. I don't want to take down my tree it feels like Christmas is just starting. 


We enjoyed another evening with the Johnson's this Christmas Eve. After the early service at The Bridge Church we packed up the travel cots and made our way. We got to the Johnson's just in time to sneak upstairs and kiss our nieces goodnight before visions of sugar plums danced in their heads.  *bliss* Our two youngest went down like a dream and we headed to the basement to enjoy some food, games & secret Santa presents which are always quite interesting with this crew. Let's see if I can find a few shots of our night. 

Sunday, 27 December 2015


We stayed home this year for Christmas & I thought it would be more restful but alas I have our schedule packed with fun and have had little sleep. I have been fighting illness according to my hairdresser for six weeks ( my last appointment) There was no time in the calendar for that. So many great memories. 

Happy Holidays from The Gillespie's xo 

Thursday, 17 December 2015


Two years ago & now!!

 The boys were very very lucky two get tickets to the hockey game last week so I gave them a couple of early Christmas presents ( sweaters ) to sport to the stadium. How dorkily handsome do they look?! They were only a few rows up from the ice & the Sens won so it's probably safe to say It was an epic father/son night! 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Theatre District Eats

If you are going to the theatre district of Toronto and looking for some lovely Thai food and a place to have a pint. I'll go ahead now and recommend a short street in centeral Bankok, Thailand or a little bit closer to where I'm really talking about Khao San Road  It was so yummy we went two nights in a row! If you are put on the waiting list, hop a couple blocks down the road while you wait for the hostess to text stop for a pint at the Town Crier but I'll warn you after partaking in one of there 50 tap beer choices you might take a glance at the menu and want to just stay in this opulent setting for dinner too! Hold those reservations over at Khao it's worth the wait! The kids loved going on the Subway and there was lots of construction to look at out our hotel window in the mornings!