Wednesday, 30 January 2013


I have gone from seeing my husband Steve for endless hours in a day to hardly seeing him at all and although we have good stories to tell when we see each other, I really miss waking up next to each other, having breakfast & lunch together and planning out our days as a family. The nice part of it might be that I rarely have anything  negative to say to him these days because I'm just so darn happy to spend time with him.

Husband has band practice this evening and with all the above said, I like my quiet Wednesday nights alone to catch up with friends, read, write or watch a girly movie.

Loving life being Christy xo



My sweet little bug and I had the best time at his Music & Masterpieces class yesterday. I think on a scale, Euan might have thought it was average fun, but I was pretty excited about this class and can't wait for next week. His favourite activity was playing the drum sticks. ( Dad should be proud. )

I came home yesterday wanting to learn all the names of the dinosaurs that Euan was playing with before class. I want to be able to teach him their names in the coming weeks... OK, all of the names might be a bit ambitious as that box was filled with a lot of dinosaurs. I described a few to Steve tonight and of course, he knew most their names! ( Sometimes I think he could be making it up and I would never know the difference) It all comes with his PERFECT persona. Either way I'm buying it baby!

Here are Euan's very first Masterpieces. A Cat necklace and a Dog hat.


This is exactly how I feel about my life. My friend  found this quote and sent it to me with a little note that said- "for you" *tear*

Thank you L for knowing me so well. xo

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


After our day in Wakefield how could the rest of the weekend not be just as splendid, and it was. Darla & Denis  invited us out to one of their favourite neighborhood restaurants Cabotto's Italian in this rustic old farm house. I wore the black Gant boots I bought last winter in Bristol -they are gorgeous.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to the Rideau Canal for our second skate of the season. It was a gorgeous day. That is one thing I love about Ottawa even though it might be chilly outside the sun still shines most days.

We are off to Euan's Music & Masterpiece class this morning. He was such a good boy yesterday and our day went pretty smoothly.


Monday, 28 January 2013


Eight things I've learned today parenting Euan on my own. 

1. He goes through a lot more diapers than I thought he did or maybe he's just extra poopy today.

2. Mom's judge you on the snacks you bring to nursery. (variety is key)

3. I can drive perfectly fine in the snow.

4. Ottawa drivers are rude and really need to sort themselves out- send them all to the Autobaun for an instructional course.

5. My son loves interacting with other children and does it marvelously!

6.We need more baby gates.

7.  Steve is a kick ass Husband & Father, we were blessed to have him home for 6 months and will miss him loads.

8. I'll be just fine.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Wow what a surprise that was. Our Friday drive to Wakefield took us to the Wakefield Mill Inn & Spa where Steve told me we had lunch and spa reservations.

 AMAZING experience the 3 course lunch the ambiance the massage & outdoor hot tub with Maclaren Falls in the background and to top off perfection you are surrounded by a forest of winter wonderland. It so reminded me of the time I went to Saint Sauveur with some girlfriends but felt sweeter because it was shared with my husband. Oh, and I can't forget to mention they have roaring fires, a pool table, chess boards and other board games out for guest to play as well as snow shoes in the lobby!

I could not of asked for a more perfect day. I was excited just to see the covered pedestrian bridge and the breathtaking views. The river was still flowing in parts and huge chunks of ice had steam coming off them. The cottages were lovely and we found out although Wakefield is in Quebec it has a strong English community. I could see us raising Euan in a place like Wakefield. We found out the Inn does evening Discovery 5 course taster menus with wine pairing & jazz nights. It's the perfect place to go with a few friends for Steve's birthday dinner.

I took a few pictures check out the heart shaped floating ice!

Friday, 25 January 2013


Good morning!

  Steve is taking me across to Quebec to Wakefield, a little cottage community. It's a wonderland in the middle of Gatineau Park full of winter activities and great culinary delights. I love that Steve has picked out a destination and we are off to see what the day brings.

This was the last week of Husband's parental leave, which means there will be a lot of changes in this house next week. I have signed Euan and I up for 3 play groups. Monday while I'm taking a money management class Euan will be introducing himself to some new little ones at nursery.  Tuesday's are Music & Masterpieces with Mommy which I have been looking forward to for a few weeks now.  Euan loves singing, this will expand our song list and give him an introduction to crafts. Wednesday we are going to a parent and baby playgroup with tea time for parents. I am hoping Euan will enjoy the interaction with play mates and that it will give him some more independence at home. We are turning a corner and I'm excited by my own independence flourishing in our new city and making some new mommy friends.

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

Thursday, 24 January 2013


I found this article today while perusing parenting websites. I think it's something we all think about from time to time. The headline, "3 mistakes woman make in the bedroom," caught my attention immediately. I thought for sure that one of the mistakes would be child focused, but no, they had something to say about my jammies- my favourite article of clothing. I thought I looked rather cute and sometimes even sexy; I'm one of those people who put my PJ's on as soon as I get home (could I be wrong?) As a new Mom, I know it's important to make the extra effort. I might have to do a PJ cull and check the storage room for the suggested items. *wink*

Mistake #1: Comfy Clothes
I know, ladies, that you want to be in those those comfortable nightgowns, those comfortable jammies, that you wear. But, honestly, the quickest turn-off to your partner or spouse are your comfy clothes. So, if you want to spice things up in your love life, shed those comfy clothes and find a nice, hot bra or a nice nighty, something you can be slinky, sexy and comfortable in that will be a TURN-ON to your partner.

Mistake #2: NOT Taking the Lead
Don't wait to get asked to dance, meaning you've got to take the lead. You don't have to wait for your partner to ask you to have sex or make love with them. Get involved, get into bed, take the lead and get your partner into bed with you. You'll both have a lot of fun and enjoy yourselves.

Mistake #3: Criticism
It's to be avoided at all costs. Nothing will turn off your partner faster than you telling him what you DON'T like and what you don't want taking place. On the other hand, what will be a complete arousal and turn-on is letting him know what he CAN do to please you and what will excite you if he does it.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


They are at it again- baking up a storm that is. This time to bring to a friend's house, thank goodness! A minute on the lips and a life time on the hips; that and I have no self control when it comes to Steve's baking. The boys made Cinnamon Swirls from the Bread Revolution cook book and an apple crumble. They used the apple dicer I absolutely begged to have from the fancy kitchen shop in Bristol; Steve now loves it.

We are going to Steve's friend from Uni this morning that has recently moved back to Ottawa. ( These Uni friends are never ending) They all seem to congregate in Ottawa; most of them he's not talked to in years but I believe one of his New Years resolutions was to reconnect with old friends. *wink*

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty productive day. I got the floors moped, made chili, Steve took the car to the garage, finished the painting, picked up two Queen Anne chairs we bought for the music room, baked & went for his run.

Not to shabby for the most depressing day of the year aka Blue Monday!


Thank you Husband- what a beautiful arrangement!

Monday, 21 January 2013


-24  The temperature when I woke up this morning. I made us French Toast for brekkie- the  boys loved it.  Steve has plans to meet his friend Brent for a run along the canal tonight-CRAZY!! I am so thankful that I do not need to leave the house today. I'll turn on the fire and get some cleaning done. Euan has been throwing more food on the floor than putting in his mouth..the floor needs a really good mopping.

We had the most amazing weekend. I am in love with the Rideau Canal, We skated on Friday; it was very cold but the sun was shining bright and after a few minutes I wanted to take off a layer. I used Euan's stroller to keep me steady while Steve skated circles around us. So many great family memories are going to be made this winter, there is so much to do in Ottawa. We ended our skate sharing a delicious Beaver Tail around the fire pits.

Jenny's dinner party was brilliant, Euan enjoyed all the attention from her boys and I was pleasantly surprised with my first introduction to Chinese Fondue. Martin warned anything dropped in the pot meant kissing the person to your right- we didn't make very good seat choices.. Steve was to Martin's right and Jenny to mine!  I'm intrigued by the idea of getting a fondue set and raclette grill; both seem like great ways to entertain guest and the kids loved it too.

Happy Monday! xo

Friday, 18 January 2013


The Ottawa Rideau Canal Skateway has opened! L is going to be so excited. It's a fine time to come visit the Gillespie family with the Canal finally open and Winterlude starting shortly. xoxo

Rideau Canal is the world's largest skating rink. Starting at the base of the copper-peaked Parliament buildings and Chateau Laurier hotel, it then winds through downtown Ottawa, weaving under bridges, alongside parks, and past neighbourhoods of heritage homes, before finally ending at the historic Hartwell Locks. At the Locks, a sign proudly proclaims that skaters have achieved 7.8 km; now they just have to skate all the way back. 

Originally built in 1832 as a supply route between Montreal and Kingston, today the Rideau is the oldest functioning canal in North America. In the summer months, the Rideau Canal is in full operation, with many of the locks still relying on old-fashioned muscle power to guide boats through. In 2007, it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognized for its design, construction, and role in Canadian history. Yet, it is in the winter with the commencement of Rideau Canal skating, that it really comes to life when transformed into the world's most famous ice rink. 

The crowd throngs when you start skating the Rideau Canal, and the ice is rough and difficult to manoeuvre. But a few metres in, after the crowd thins out and the Parliament buildings recede into the distance, the ice turns silky smooth, which is the result of nightly flooding and constant maintenance by the National Capital Commission. Along the way, every kilometre or so, pine trees, picnic tables and fire pits pop up like oases, offering rest and shelter from the burn in your legs and wind on your face. Food kiosks resembling log cabins serve apple cider and hot chocolate, hot dogs and poutine. But by far the most popular food item is the beaver tail—a fried dough pastry smothered in your choice of cinnamon, maple butter, chocolate, or garlic and cheese. The smell of deep-fried dough permeates the length of the Canal. 

Once rested and fed, continue onwards, beneath bridges and archways and past the artists selling paintings of Canadian winters. Further on, you will reach Dow's Lake, where the narrow Canal opens up into a windswept tundra of ice and snow, before tucking back into the shelter of trees and working its way towards the locks. 

Despite the length of the Canal, the end comes abruptly, and though your legs are tired, it's sad to see the final marker indicating the end. Time to loop around it, and skate back! 


 These are my boys putting child locks on the drawers-yep, it's that time! Euan is always keen on helping Daddy around the house & Steve is pretty amazing at making him feel included.

To kick off the weekend I've started planning Steve and Euan's birthday. ( I had Euan on Steve's birthday last year.  The trainee Dr on duty that day bought Steve a cake which was really sweet. ) I called Jenny first and asked her if she would be willing to make Euan's cake... she said yes- Yay!  Here is a cake she made for a little guy in December.

We are going over to Jenny & Martin's this weekend for a Chinese Fondue and a few games of Ramolli. It's been ages since I have played but I remember it being a lot of fun.
I'll have to dig through our change bowls to find a few rolls of dimes.

Wish us luck and have a great weekend! xo