Thursday, 29 May 2014


Tell 30 friends-tell them to tell 30 friends.
Make a secure financial donation online.
Donate food to the RED BIN at your local grocery store.
For all 30 ways to help the Ottawa Food Bank click HERE


This weekend a friend and I are doing the Ottawa Foodie Challenge- A foodie scavenger hunt in support of the Ottawa Food Bank. I am a little unsure about what I've got us into as I'm not from Ottawa, but what an amazing way to get to know our city a little better. I picked up a copy of Ottawa's Eating & Drinking magazine and have done some research to get a little better prepared for Sunday. This year it's all about having some fun but next year watch out foodies I'll be in it to win it!

The prize looks AMAZING and I know husband would love the knife set that they are giving away this year. The research I've been doing for the challenge has given me some great ideas on Father's Day gifts for Husband. Whoo!

I'm getting over an infection but I'm hoping I'll be 100 percent for Sunday. Wish me luck please. LLBC xo

Friday, 23 May 2014


I asked Husband to build a little fence around my garden because some furry friends have been digging up my freshly planted garden this week. 

One for the blackbird,
One for the mouse,
One for the the rabbit, 
And one for the house

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


I had a lovely night away with Ang this weekend. We went to Brooke Street Hotel and Spa. We drank bubbles and our new favourite New Zealand Marlborough  had spa treatments and met friends for dinner and drinks at the hotels upscale restaurant Perspectives. A fantastic Mother's Day gift and what made it entirely perfect was the kids were amazing for Husband. I came home the next day to Euan running up the drive to greet me screaming "mummy" he wrapped his little arms around my legs. It was such a treat to talk with friends, eat great food, sleep in!!! and just be completely spoiled.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


I was meant to meet Jennifer M at the Fourth ave Wine Bar tonight. After coming back from my spa weekend with Angela, I was a little tired and suggested Jennifer come over to our house instead for a low key and less expensive hot tub date. While we caught up, Husband made us these little Nigella lemon cupcakes.

When we came in, I made us a nice "cuppa" tea to go with the cupcakes. These took less than 30 minutes to make in the Cuisinart and were delicious. I think they might be a winner for girls' night this weekend at Catherine's. Here is the recipe.

125g butter, softened
125g sugar
125g plain flour
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2-3 tablespoons of milk

Preheat oven to 200C, or 180C if using fan-forced.

Place all the ingredients except the milk into a food processor. Blitz in short bursts until the mixture is well combined and smooth.

Whilst pulsing the mixture, gradually pour in the two tablespoons of milk through the food processor funnel. Blitz until the milk has been incoporated. The mixture should look smooth. Add another tablespoon of milk if necessary.

Divide the mixture across a patty-lined 12-muffin tin. A generous tablespoon should be sufficient, as the mixture should triple in size when baked.

Bake for 15-20min or until well-risen and the tops are a pale gold in colour. Ice when cool.

Lemon cupcakes: Add two teaspoons of finely grated lemon rind.
Chocolate cupcakes: Add two tablespoons of cocoa.


Congrats to all the runners in the Halifax Blue Nose race this weekend. L ran her first 1/2 marathon. Well done L- we are so proud of you. xoxo

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


 Always looking for our next adventure, I found this picture taken by Robert Wilson and added it to the summer list of to do's. There is this great HIKE that will bring us right to where this picture was taken. It's Meech Lake and if it sounds familiar to you it's because in 1987 Prime Minister Brian Mulroney attempted to win Quebec's consent to the revised Canadian Constitution following the Quebec government's rejection of it in 1981 This was called the Meech Lake Accord.

These ruins are situated about a two kilometer hike east from the south shore of the lake. They are remnants of a small industrial complex built in the early 1900's. The complex is now in ruins and the area has been reclaimed by forest and Meech creek flows right through the middle of it all.

Looks like a gorgeous winter location for a walk too!


I hope everyone had a beautiful mothering Sunday! We had a buZeeeee weekend.

Friday nights concert was really impressive. Live music is such a wonderful experience. Steve and I thought Peter Katz and Royal Wood put on an excellent show. I waked out with chills they were both so incredible.

Saturday the kids and I got up to know good (shopping) while Husband went off to play in a competition for band. I bought all my summer basics from H&M and some really cute Hilfiger stuff from The Bay. ( Summer is Here)

On Sunday we went to church, worked in the garden and had a massive surf & turf BBQ- my gosh it was so delicious. Husband made garlic shrimp, they were to die for. I think I could eat steak, mushrooms and shrimp every night of the week. Thank god for bootcamp. It called me back to reality on Tuesday and kicked my butt and my mind back into healthy eating gear.  I'm so glad to have a class full of great ladies that make me accountable.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend. Spoiled rotten- PROPER!

They kids bought me some gorgeous flowers & Steve booked myself and my friend Angela into Brookstreet Hotel & Spa for a weekend of good food, adult conversation and spa treatments.  Whooooooo! We are going this weekend and I can't wait. It's the first time leaving my babies overnight- I will still need to feed Romilly so they will come visit.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


They are looking so promising, aren't they? My bugs have been helping me keep them watered and we've had some amazing sunny days to bring these plants through the soil. It's almost time to put on my garden wellies and get these babies into the ground. I will be working on my soil this week. Happy Wednesday. I feel well rested and ready to take on the rest of the week. xo


Euan's play group teacher told me about the Ottawa Foodie Challenge event last year. A few weeks ago I ran into her at the grocery store and remembered to ask her about it. She said  registration was opening soon and tonight I got an email that it's time!  I was hoping to do this event with Husband but it's an all day event on a Sunday so it's either going to be me and a friend or him and a friend. We'll see who wins at Rock, Paper Scissors ha ha

 I know nothing about Ottawa's culinary scene and after reading through the website am totally nervous and feel out of my league but I think it would be so fun and  I am totally up for the challenge! If you are too, here is some info. Ottawa Foodie Challenge


Teams of two navigate Ottawa to complete the scavenger hunt list, but must record each clue described taking a picture. Each clue on the list has a point value based on how difficult the challenge is to complete. The team with the highest number of points is crowned the Foodie Challenge champion. 
The clues on the challenge list will bring food lovers into some Ottawa’s finest kitchens, test participants on locating hard to find food items and sometimes ask them to devour the delicious tastes that make this city special.  It’s entirely possible to win the challenge by scoring a big number of high-point items!


The Ottawa Foodie Challenge is an all day event. We'll feed you first thing in the morning at our launch party and we'll meet back up at the end of the day to toast our winners. Tickets to the event are in support of the Ottawa Food Bank, what better way to give back and have a little fun all at the same time?

Sunday, 4 May 2014


I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.

Friday, 2 May 2014


I went to Paint Nite on Wednesday evening with a bunch of the girls. It was such a laugh. I'm no artist by any stretch but I laughed so hard my abs and cheeks hurt the next day. We all had a blast and can't wait to do it again. I might just be the worst painter out there but I loved trying. We were a little late getting to class as traffic that night was a nightmare but thankfully had some quality people to help us get organized and catch up. Our table got a bit of extra attention which was either because we were late or for being the class clowns. Marianne drank her paint water in place of her wine. I asked repeatedly for more paint- haven't quite figured out the less is more strategy yet. In the end we all came home with our own little masterpiece. Mary's daughter asked  if she could hang the painting in her bedroom. She got the MVP of our group. Husband said he was super proud of me and he's glad I got out and had a great time. Thanks Ladies!

 It was my first time leaving before the kids were put down. I wasn't sure if Romilly would take a bottle but Husband was a star and got them both down with no problems. Hmmm I wonder when my next adventure will be. *wink*

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Pinch Punch Baby!

April showers bring May flowers. I am loving all the rain that we've been having the last few days. Everything is turning bright green and the flowers are popping up everywhere. Welcome May!