Friday, 28 October 2011



This is so neat.... Click here for the recipe.




So yesterday I clearly thought it was Wednesday oops, I'm back on track today.

Last night I sent out the invites for our annual Gillespie
 Martini and Mistletoe. I like Christmas a lot and this party always gives me a great excuse to make the house extra festive.

Here is the drink menu that Connor made up last years. We love it!  This year will be completely different. Want to contribute? send me a message with your ideas.

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, 27 October 2011


 I ordered Connor his first pair of Hunter wellies last week and he loves them. I bought them a size big but threw a pair of gel insoles in them and with a pair of thick socks they fit perfect and will last him a few years. They come with there own little mud bag and have reflectors on the back for walking home after school on dark winter days. Aren't they gorgeous?!
Oh and they fit me too! ;)


 I've spent a lot of time at the Bristol Zoo our first year in England and have written over the past two year how great it is but 11 years ago I went to the South Lakes Wild Animal Park for the first time and clearly forgot how amazing it was. I was able to go back this week, it is closest I've ever been to such amazing creatures and I want more! I literally could have reached out and touched a few of these animals and it was a thrill. So much more than a zoo they allow you to interact with the animals in a comfortable environment. If you're not jumpy, that is!

If you're are anywhere near the Lake District the Park has to be on your list. It's a bit of a drive off the M6 and the main Lakes route but an amazing adventure.I loved all of the animals and had the best day. If you fancy having lunch you have a choice to eat in the restaurant or bring your own picnic lunch. Don't forget to pack your wellies!

We are all back home and I'm enjoying a few days to myself while C is at camp.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


 Another Gillespie male had me climbing the face of a hill this week- no taking the easy route with these guys. ;) C and I spent the morning fighting the winds to get to the top. It was a spectacular day considering the  weather in The Lakes this month is usually very wet. At the top, we were invited inside for a private little tour by the guys doing scheduled maintenance. It's the first time I've been inside, as it was closed for many years. The old John Barrow monument has recently been redone following a £45,000 government grant. It looks great!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


 What a wonderful long birthday weekend, just as all birthdays should be!

 The festivities started on Thursday evening when G & T showed up for a surprise dinner. Tammy made me the most amazing strawberry shortcake. I will definitely be getting the recipe for it!

Friday started with the boys bringing me up flowers and breakfast in bed. Steve told me he was taking the day off *tear.* In the afternoon, we all set out to Blaise Castle for a hike in our wellies! That evening Steve took C and I for dinner at the Glass Boat. Amazing!

Saturday, I woke up early and took the train to Bath to meet the Canadian girls for a morning at the private Cross Bath Spa. We ended our morning with lunch at Same-Same But Different. It was lovely to spend some time with the girls I knew and meet some of the new girls that have recently moved to England. I left Bath around three and trained back to Bristol to meet one of my besties aka-Angel Of The North Ailsa, who had come down for the night. It was really great to catch up it had been ages since we have really shared. A proper girls night.

I ended the long weekend last night driving up to the Lakes to have dinner with the the other AOTN Kim and Anna. We ate at the local favourite  Francesca's. The Angels Of The North always make me laugh and make me feel like I'm just where I should be.

I'm in Barrow for the next few days. It's half term for Connor, and Steve has business. The next few days I'd like to golf, hike Hoad Hill and check out the South Lakes Wild Animal Park. What ever the weather and whatever we do I know it will be fun. I think the Lakes is my favourite place on earth!

I am overwhelmed by the kindness and love of my family and friends and feel super- blessed that I have such amazing people in my life. May the next year be just as awesome as the last! xoxo

Friday, 21 October 2011


 Last night my husband  surprised me with a sneaky dinner party and made the most amazing BBQ'd steaks- what a guy.

Oct 21 is my most favourite day of the entire year- It's my Birthday and I'm spending it with people I love.

I was so excited I woke up at six.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


 Yesterday Steve and I hiked to the top of Arthur's Seat, a 650-acre patch of rugged Scottish landscape along the eastern edge of the city center. From the Scottish Parliament or the Palace of Holyrood, you can step into a former royal hunting ground that resembles the Highlands or the Shetland Islands. And if you've brought a sturdy pair of shoes (or heels in my case!) you can climb to the summit of an extinct volcano that offers 360-degree views of Edinburgh, the Lothians, and the Firth of Forth. This is the same Crag that Emma and Dexter hiked up in the book I recently finished "One Day", although it sounded a lot easier in the book! 


Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Oh my goodness.. It's been brought to my attention that today is the first anniversary of the " I Love You My Little Muffin" post. My husband has been tracking his contribution to my blog from day one and is proud of the fact that it's my number 1 blog post with over 500 hits this year. Either people really love pumpkin muffins or Steve has spent a lot of time on this post. ;) Happy Anniversary My Love- It may be time for a new contribution?! xoxo

PS.Don't forget to let us know how your muffins turn out. Comments would make his day! 



Able and Cole sent me a free cookbook with my veg order this week. It's full of inspirational ideas for Summer, Fall & Winter.

Tonight we are going to try making a kale vegetarian lasagna,
I've been obsessed with pasta since going to Italy this summer, it's one of the only things I will eat right now.

Thanks A&C for all the great prezzies you send to your loyal customers.


A must have for all wellie owners! 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Another great October event: I love this restaurant the views are beautiful and the food is soooo good.

Recession proof dining at Glassboat


1 Oct 2011 To 31 Oct 2011
Enjoy a three course meal on the Glassboat at 1980s prices.