Sunday, 28 February 2016

Bucket List

Grammy scratched skating on the world's largest skating rink off her bucket list this weekend. We had a lovely birthday visit with her. She's glowing in the picture I captured. We skated just over 2.5 km last night. The weather was gorgeous for it. The canal needs perfect timing so I am glad we had it in this weekend. 

These two having a chuckle over Grammy's triple sow cow days on the ice in the back yard. Growing up in Guelph the Gillespie's always made a rink in the backyard. Euan is still shuffling along in his lessons every week, soon he will be canal ready. For those who want to enjoy the atmosphere they rent cute little sleighs that you can push your family in. I gave Grammy this option but she was ready to check skating off her list. ✔️

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