Friday, 5 February 2016


Our Nursery school friends Simon and Zoe are in Euan and Romilly's classes at BCCNS this year. On Tuesday I suggested we might do a kid swap. I took the boys home for lunch and a trip to the museum and Sarah took the girls for a fun afternoon at her house. I'm still not sure who got the better deal but the boys behaved very well and we all loved hanging out at the Bug Exhibit that is on right now.  

Afternoons are the best after the school trips have cleared out. I was even able to catch free parking avoiding my usual $12 charge. The boys noticed right away that the museum's jellyfish was hung back up after it had been taken down for cleaning a few weeks ago. This museum has been a favourite place to hang out in Ottawa I have bought a family membership the last 3 years. It is fantastic for all extreme weather and a great place to meet other family friends on the weekends. The cafe has a great selection of food. You will have no problem finding the perfect lunch or snack and subscription holders are offered a 10% discount at The Cafe. Our membership is sadly coming to an end this month. I hope we find plenty of new city adventures on our next posting this summer.

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