Monday, 28 October 2013


To tell you how amazing my birthday week was in one post, wouldn't do it justice.

 Here is a little glimpse into my birthday fun.

On Monday my actual birthday: I spent the day with my loves. I woke up to chocolate & flowers from the babies and a poem from Husband. My birthday dinner was so good. We had dinner after my running clinic finished, so much anticipation, I left before stretching! The kids still asleep we had a quiet romantic dinner of  Prosciutto wrapped salmon, butternut squash & spinach lentils from JO's The Return Of the Naked Chef.

Then we had dessert which  I think was one of Steve's best yet-very decadent & he made the carrot cake in the heart shaped pan I bought him for his birthday, very sweet. He really is a baker at heart. *grin*

Laura arrived Thursday evening. I was napping while I waited for her arrival, preparing myself for a busy weekend ahead.   Friday morning we were up early and went for a hike ( just the girls ) to Pink Lake- L just happen to be wearing pink, maybe planned that way. *wink* I had been hoping to show L my new favourite place while she was here, but wasn't sure if we would have time to get there. We had an early start Friday morning, but it was so worth it. We worked hard and finished the trail in 25 minutes packing Romilly along with us- my legs are still burning! In the afternoon L was kind enough to take family photos. It was a  lot of work, thanks L for being patient with us.

Friday evening we kicked back and rented The Internship. We ate popcorn- made by Husband and Cadbury chocolate that Anna had brought over from England.

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